Modern, Spacious and Clean

First Impressions

Right from the beginning, when you pull into the car park, it is clear that our pool has been tailored to cater for swimming lessons. There is space for 20 cars and a dedicated path at the front of the building, ensures a safe route to the pool. Entrance to the facilities is via a lobby area, allowing the pool side to be kept clean of tiny muddy feet. The heated lobby has many games, toys and a virtual train set to keep little ones entertained.

Careful thought has gone into the shower and toilet amenities. Having a combined wet room, additional space has been gained at the pool side. It allows for easy cleaning, increasing the hygene. A big bonus with so many toddlers!.

There are three modern, clean and spacious changing rooms, two of which are individual and the third being a larger communal room, ideal for up to four parents with babies. The design of the changing rooms, maximises the available space. There is plenty of storage for belongings. For our younger visitors a cot is available whilst the parents change. For lessons where parents are not entering the water, shoe covers are provided to maintain cleanliness around the pool.

Water Quality

Being popular with so many parents of tiny babies, the water quality is of the utmost importance. We have a fully automated commercial dosing system in place, with two independent measuring technologies, providing a backup should one fail. These systems measure the Chlorine, pH, temperature, ORP and TDS. With all the important measurements constantly recorded. We have a Company who provide us with a rigorous maintenance and calibration routine. The results, as can be seen, is crystal clear safe water.


Once pool side, access into the water is via standard pool ladders. The pool is just short of 8m in length by 5m wide with a constant depth of a little over 1.2m. Underwater lighting is available, which can be of benefit to teachers when demonstrating a new stroke. Teachers have access to a wall mounted iPad for music and internet availability, if required.

A large cushioned seating area is available for parents to enjoy whilst watching the development of their child. The seating doubles as equipment storage leaving the pool side clean, safe and tidy. Our external comfy sofas are always a popular choice during the summer months. During the later months of the year when the nights are drawing in, the entire exterior of the building is illuminated by automated lights.