Private Pool Hire

Private Pool Hire Within West Sussex


Our private indoor swimming pool is available for hire to swim schools. We currently do not hire to private individuals or families. We are pleased to include the details and contact information for those Companies hiring our facilities on our website, providing increased internet presence.

Fully Automated Commercial PLC Control System

The plant room has a large level of equipment redundancy, including pumps and heaters, ensuring any downtime is kept to a minimum. The control is all PLC based and accessed through our HMI touchscreen control panel and remote monitoring. Should any item need attention, the system notifies us through the internet so any corrective action can be taken. The water chemistry is fully automated with its readings constantly logged. We have a rigorous maintenance and calibration schedule in place to keep everything running smoothly.

Toys Available
Toys, Floats, Music And Internet

As can be seen on our Facilities page, our pool is ideal for baby and children's lessons. We provide a wide range of toys and floats, all included within the hire price, reducing your costs and saving you the task of carrying toys from pool to pool. A wall mounted iPad is available, connected to the pool stereo, should you wish for background music or water aerobics. It also has an internet connection, allowing your clients to book in online should you have the facility.

swimming pool in the south
The Latest Chlorination Technology

We have a fully automated commercial dosing system in place, with two independent measuring technologies, providing a backup should one fail. The primary disinfection method uses an amperometric chlorine sensor, however should any faults be detected by the PLC control system, the process can change to a referred system using pH and ORP sensors. The TDS is measured helping us to detect and control any contaminants. Finally the water leaves our plant room through a UV filter, providing additional disinfection. The results, as can be seen, is crystal clear safe water.

Safety Features And Documentation

Safety features include non slip floor surfaces in all internal areas, internal emergency lighting in all areas, external lighting, external CCTV, dedicated path to the front and side of the building and basic first aid facilities. All necessary documentation is available including Normal Operating Procedures, Emergency Action Plan, Risk Assessments and Insurance.